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First time we met.
Right, here’s the deal: I don’t abide by being made fun of or fool of, and I’m much cleverer than the Freak gives me credit for. His deductions are a bit too on the mark if you know what I mean. I’m Detective Sergeant Sally Donovan of Scotland Yard. I do my job, and I do it well.

RE: ‘Various Unsolved Murders Put London on the Edge… of a Knife!’

The recent article posted in the Evening Standard is nothing more than sensational journalism, full of overblown exaggerations and needless conjecture that everyone is at risk of being attacked by their next door neighbour or the milkman.

The recent trio of murders that have been discovered so far do not mean that the city of London is under siege. To say such a thing, like The Evening Standard, is frankly ridiculous. While the city is advised to adhere to the general precautions it usually takes, we suggest no further procedures at this time. We currently have several leads on the case that will be investigated fully.

This is the Yard’s official statement and may be used in further publication so long as it is not modified, misquoted, edited, or changed in any way.

For further details, please address comments/questions/concerns to Detective Sergeant Sally Donovan, Scotland Yard.

And this is exactly why you don’t make deals with crazed lunatics.

Is Sherlock working with you on any cases right now?
ASKED BY Anonymous

No, he isn’t, not at the moment. He’s off gallivanting about town I expect.

We all know you're jealous of John because he can shag Sherlock anytime he wants.
ASKED BY Anonymous

Wow, take you all night to come up with that one? Out of left field, that is.

Sorry, but as Freak would say, “WRONG”. I’m not interested, and definitely not jealous.