Sally Donovan
I told you, didn't I?
First time we met.
Right, here’s the deal: I don’t abide by being made fun of or fool of, and I’m much cleverer than the Freak gives me credit for. His deductions are a bit too on the mark if you know what I mean. I’m Detective Sergeant Sally Donovan of Scotland Yard. I do my job, and I do it well.

RE: ‘Various Unsolved Murders Put London on the Edge… of a Knife!’

The recent article posted in the Evening Standard is nothing more than sensational journalism, full of overblown exaggerations and needless conjecture that everyone is at risk of being attacked by their next door neighbour or the milkman.

The recent trio of murders that have been discovered so far do not mean that the city of London is under siege. To say such a thing, like The Evening Standard, is frankly ridiculous. While the city is advised to adhere to the general precautions it usually takes, we suggest no further procedures at this time. We currently have several leads on the case that will be investigated fully.

This is the Yard’s official statement and may be used in further publication so long as it is not modified, misquoted, edited, or changed in any way.

For further details, please address comments/questions/concerns to Detective Sergeant Sally Donovan, Scotland Yard.

All units advised to be on high alert.

Movement on Case#4835906, suspect may be moving out of the city via the underground. Position units at all exits pending further advisory.

This isn’t a drill gents - don’t let this go to pot.


CASE #520442 Update

Katarina Ferguson was reported missing six months ago from Southwark. The missing woman is described as being 5”4, 9 stone, with long brown hair and brown eyes, age 32.

We have recently analyzed several different bits of information and have reason to believe she may be in the Camden area. If you see a woman who fits this description, please notify authorities immediately.

Tips may be directed towards the contribution page.

It has been a while, hasn’t it?


I’ve finally found the time to post something. Work has been rather busy, and I do believe there were a couple instances of sulking from Gregory, between John’s photograph of Gladstone and Mummy’s post about her new stray. He’s been rather difficult to keep from running off to crime scenes as well, but fortunately, there have been no further injuries thus far.

You know I adore you, darling, but if you continue this way, do know that I might turn a blind eye when Sergeant Donovan decides to handcuff you to your desk. We are only concerned for your health.

And for the record, yes, Sherlock and I have begun speaking again.

All due respect Mr. Holmes-Lestrade, but it does make it rather more difficult to catch him when you’ve given him advance notice, right?

Dear Sally, there have been some..ahem, rumors that you and a certain consulting detective had romantic escapades with you that eventually led to your mutual dislike of one another. Is there any truth to these statements?
ASKED BY Anonymous

That’s absolutely ridiculous.

Honestly, you anons just spout total nonsense, don’t you? I don’t think I need to comment any further than that.

Update on #520442

Still not solved yet, but the anonymous tip actually provided a fairly decent lead.

It’s been a long day. We’re getting close. I can’t release all the information we’ve got to go on, but I do know at least that the doctor’s been involved in the cover-up of some particularly high-profile disappearances already.

In particular, he seems to have provided medical documents to a man known to forge work and travel visas to those willing to pay to have friends and family think they’ve been offed.

The forger’s already been in for questioning a few times, but we hadn’t much to link him in before.

We’re bringing the physician in. I’ll have more updates for you later, Lestrade. Hope you’re having a good time.

Case #520442 - Her doctor's not exactly clean. Might want to check records under the name George Newman.
ASKED BY Anonymous

Cheers, mate. Thanks for the info. The department seemed to think the doc was a dead end, but… we’ll look into it.

You know where to find us.

Are you taking John and Sherlock to the hospital too? What're their injuries, since they won't answer?
ASKED BY Anonymous

Yeah, we’re taking everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bart’s got half their clientele from people with whom I’ve shaken hands.

Mild concussion for Sherlock, bruising on John and Sherlock. Not sure what the extent of Irene’s injuries are, but she’s already made a pass at Sherlock (and one at Gregson, oddly enough).

ASKED BY Anonymous

Yeah, thanks. That’s not a question, either.

Sherlock would never misuse confidential information for his own personal purposes. In fact, he has helped you solve a whole bunch of cases. You should actually be grateful to him. He has his own methods but that's exactly why he's so successful. He's one of the nicest people ever and he really deserves to be happy.
ASKED BY Anonymous

What are you playing at? He’s withheld information (AND evidence, actually) loads of times when it suits his purpose.

Listen, I’m not saying I don’t appreciate his help when he gives it, when we ask for it, and I’m not saying he shouldn’t be happy. Everyone should be. But when Sherlock decides to play by his own rules, it causes the rest of us down at the Yard a lot of grief. I don’t need somebody doing my job for me, mocking our department, and I don’t need somebody that runs around town acting vigilante.

As for nice… I don’t necessarily agree, especially when it comes to his interactions with Anderson. Sherlock’s usually pleasant enough with me, but on occasion he really oversteps his boundaries.

Look, this really isn’t supposed to be a space for me to rant about the issues of the department or those outside it, and actually it’s rather unprofessional. This is supposed to be a channel for those that require assistance or for tips to open cases. For the record. All right?