Sally Donovan
I told you, didn't I?
First time we met.
Right, here’s the deal: I don’t abide by being made fun of or fool of, and I’m much cleverer than the Freak gives me credit for. His deductions are a bit too on the mark if you know what I mean. I’m Detective Sergeant Sally Donovan of Scotland Yard. I do my job, and I do it well.

And this is exactly why you don’t make deals with crazed lunatics.

CASE #520442 Update

Katarina Ferguson was reported missing six months ago from Southwark. The missing woman is described as being 5”4, 9 stone, with long brown hair and brown eyes, age 32.

We have recently analyzed several different bits of information and have reason to believe she may be in the Camden area. If you see a woman who fits this description, please notify authorities immediately.

Tips may be directed towards the contribution page.

Is Sherlock working with you on any cases right now?
ASKED BY Anonymous

No, he isn’t, not at the moment. He’s off gallivanting about town I expect.

Good lord, where did the lot of you new followers come from? Well, cheers, at least.

I hope you’ll find this blogging site a useful liaison to Scotland Yard. We’re here to help you, so don’t hesitate to contact us should you need help or have tips.

Case #520442 - Her doctor's not exactly clean. Might want to check records under the name George Newman.
ASKED BY Anonymous

Cheers, mate. Thanks for the info. The department seemed to think the doc was a dead end, but… we’ll look into it.

You know where to find us.

What's the story behind you and Sherlock? There's obviously more to your dislike for him than just him coming in and working the cases with you. For you. Whatever.
ASKED BY Anonymous

I’m going to ignore the slight at the end of that just because there’s not enough bad behaviour in the world to make me flip after finally getting a coffee. It’s been a long weekend.

Everyone knows someone who rubs them the wrong way, yeah?  Normally you don’t also get stuck working with them when they’re not employed by your boss. I am an officer of the law and seeing bad behaviour get rewarded doesn’t sit well with me. There’s none of this ends justifying means. That’s how criminal get started.

I didn’t dislike Sherlock Holmes when I met him initially. Like you, I assumed he had peoples’ better interests at heart. And, I suppose, he does… so long as there’s an interesting enough puzzle behind it. He is not a man most people can befriend, nor is he a man most people love.

There is something broken there, between us and him. He is not my friend, and he is not your friend, either. I respect the man, but that doesn’t mean I trust him. A large part of my job comes in asking questions, being suspicious, keeping my eyes and ears open. It makes me a damn good officer not to just automatically agree with every Tom, Dick and Harry I meet. Sherlock Holmes is no different from them.

Are you taking John and Sherlock to the hospital too? What're their injuries, since they won't answer?
ASKED BY Anonymous

Yeah, we’re taking everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bart’s got half their clientele from people with whom I’ve shaken hands.

Mild concussion for Sherlock, bruising on John and Sherlock. Not sure what the extent of Irene’s injuries are, but she’s already made a pass at Sherlock (and one at Gregson, oddly enough).

ASKED BY Anonymous

Yeah, thanks. That’s not a question, either.

Sherlock would never misuse confidential information for his own personal purposes. In fact, he has helped you solve a whole bunch of cases. You should actually be grateful to him. He has his own methods but that's exactly why he's so successful. He's one of the nicest people ever and he really deserves to be happy.
ASKED BY Anonymous

What are you playing at? He’s withheld information (AND evidence, actually) loads of times when it suits his purpose.

Listen, I’m not saying I don’t appreciate his help when he gives it, when we ask for it, and I’m not saying he shouldn’t be happy. Everyone should be. But when Sherlock decides to play by his own rules, it causes the rest of us down at the Yard a lot of grief. I don’t need somebody doing my job for me, mocking our department, and I don’t need somebody that runs around town acting vigilante.

As for nice… I don’t necessarily agree, especially when it comes to his interactions with Anderson. Sherlock’s usually pleasant enough with me, but on occasion he really oversteps his boundaries.

Look, this really isn’t supposed to be a space for me to rant about the issues of the department or those outside it, and actually it’s rather unprofessional. This is supposed to be a channel for those that require assistance or for tips to open cases. For the record. All right?

So what? I still don't understand why you think he's a liar.
ASKED BY Anonymous

You do realise all this constitutes misuse of emergency services, right?

"So what"? Don’t you think it’s a less than fantastic idea to have a man running around with all sorts of access to private files and information of the Yard that is extremely self-serving? At least he isn’t asking to be paid. That would be the last straw for me.

I think he’s a liar because he is one. He’s capable of telling the truth, but most often, he doesn’t. Sometimes it’s about small things. Other times, it’s about not telling anyone he’s about to get into a cab with a serial killer cabbie.